Taking your toddler to the big zoo and other big attractions in the big city

My daughter loves animals, and she has only been to a small zoo. This weekend we are taking her to the Los Angeles zoo in the big city. On our way home, we will stop at Griffith park observatory, and take her on her first train ride. We will visit some museums on the way out and other attractions in Los Angeles. Summer is almost over, and with another month of heat, we want to take Autumn to a few big attractions in the city. How do you mom's feel about the big city where you live and what big attractions do you feel comfortable taking your toddler's to?

    We have taken both kids to the Portland Zoo which is pretty big. They both did great. They have push carts that you can rent there which Tristen loved so that helped, he didn't have to walk the whole way.
    I've never been to the L.A. Zoo but I have been to Griffith Park a few times when I lived in California and loved it there, that was before I had kids though. It is a huge park!
    I've only been on that side out of season so not of those were going at the time. I'm sure she will have a blast :-)
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