Rolling over while sleeping question, need advice!!

My little one is 7 months old and has been rolling over for weeks now. All is good during the day, she'll roll from her back to tummy and back. At night though, we put her in her crib and after a few hours of sleeping on her back, she rolls onto her tummy and then promptly cries until mommy or daddy roll her back over! Last night, this occurred 5 times, a few nights ago, 10 times! We tried putting a wedge under her sheet, no luck. We let her try and cry it out, she just cries harder. So frustrating because she knows how to roll back onto her back!
Help! Does anyone have any advice???? Thanks moms!!

    Bethany Reilly
    You may just have to let her cry and get used to it. Babies learn quickly. She may cry for a couple nights but after that she will be ok. She needs to see she will be ok being on her belly
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