How do you celebrate Labor Day?

The last vacation of the summer is this weekend. We like to stay close to home. We will fish, go boating and have a picnic with our families. How do you like to celebrate Labor Day?

    Melissa Middleton
    We are going to take the kids to see the movie, "The Minions." We have not been to the theatre in nearly two years. Since Jonah has gotten older and can sit through a movie, we are going to try it. Normally, we would go to a relatives or just sit around the house and maybe grill something.

    The fair is in town but my daughter will not get on the rides and Jonah is too little. Plus, there is way too much cigarette smoking going on around them and we are all allergic--plus, I try to avoid that with my kids.
      We are normally at my cabin in the mountains with family for the weekend. Our whole family goes so there are around 20 people staying up there. (Our cabin was built in the 1920's.) It's a good escape from all things electronic. This year, however Labor Day weekend falls on the second weekend of archery season and my husband pretty much begged me to have us stay home. So James and I have found fun things to do around town :)
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