American Horror Story

I know last time I posed the 'horror' question a lot of you weren't down for anything super scary or gory, but American Horror Story is not so bad in those respects. I really like the storyline, though not particularly suitable for children.

About to cuddle up with hubs and watch the second season they put on Netflix and have a night to relax and recuperate. Maybe take a bubble bath and put on some new shea butter lotion. I'm soooo ready for it, haha.

Anyone else an American Horror Story nut on here? Have you heard​ about the spin-off they are supposed to be making? And if not, are you watching any good series right now?

8Theresa Gould
So have we, Meg! We are hooked, thanks to Leah Kanaan! :)
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    I think Coven was what I was thinking off when I said spin-off. When I wrote this, I had just started season 2 and didn't realize that each season was a separate storyline. Must've gotten confused when hubby was explaining Coven to me. So no spinoff, sorry, lol.
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