Waking a Sleeping Baby

I know the old never wake a sleeping baby, but after being out all day the little didn't fall asleep for a nap until 5pm! And now it's 8pm and she's still sleeping, I figured she'd be up before now. Now we are worried she'll be up at like 10 or something wide awake wanting to play, my husband thinks we should wake her, I'm not so sure.... What do you do? Do you ever wake your kids from a nap?​

    I always wake mine up if they sleep to long cause then they wont sleep at night.
      I sometimes will wake my children. I don't like to wake the baby but I have woke her up after a half hour nap instead of letting her sleep so that she will go to bed at a decent time. I know she will be fussy until she finally goes to bed but at least she won't be as fussy the next day. I have let my oldest sleep through before also though but with an 8mo old I would probably wake her if she normally doesn't sleep through the night. If she normally does sleep through the night than I would take into consideration what time she normally goes to bed at night and what time she fell asleep for a nap.
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