first time on an airplane

In a week David, James and I are flying to Vegas to visit David's Grandparents. We haven't been on vacation since James was born 2 years ago, and even that was just an hour away from our house. This will be James' first time on a plane. Any tips on keeping a 2 year old calm, would be greatly appreciated.

    A bag of new toys. Something to eat or chew on during take off and landing to help with the pressure change.
    thanks :) unfortunately we will have to give him his medication for his car sickness before hand :( He gets car sick easily, so he may be drowsy when we get to the airport.
    Poor guy, I feel his pain. But that could be a good thing if he'll sleep through the whole thing.
    I've never taken my kids on an airplane so I'm shooting in the dark here.. I have heard to make sure they have a way to swallow.. And a bag of new toys (or toys from the confiscated box they haven't seen in awhile).. Then make sure they don't get those toys until the return trip home.
    Are you on Pinterest? I've seen a ton of tips there.
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