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For the expecting moms out there, trends in names for 2014. What are your name ideas? How did you choose your kid(s) names?

Holly Suzanne- we chose Holly because we both liked the name, and felt it was unique but classic, not so trendy that later she'd be like "what were they thinking!?" Suzanne is a family name.

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    Um, my husband tricked me into it... Mylze Xavior. I was playing The Sims, and I had so many children at that point I was running out of names, so I asked him. He was watching Star Trek and said "Miles" after a character. I really liked the name! I didn't know that he was a character until later... and that he was my least favorite. To add to the nerdiness, i picked the middle name after Professor Xavier of the X-Men. And of course i changed up the spellings because I dislike normal.
      8Theresa Gould
      Interesting. We didn't choose our children's names based on trends. They were chosen because we liked them and the meaning of the name.
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