40 weeks pregnant.

And nothing is happening! Not one contraction, no bloody show or water breaking. Nothing! I just want too meet my daughter already, but apparently she is perfectly fine where she is. Any advice? I've tried walking, yoga ball, pineapple, and sex and nothing has worked for me. :/ this is my second and I'm starting too worry. My first came four days early, and now this time I can't seem to get this baby out!

    You really aren't going to like this answer... but it's all I've got ....
    Your dates could be wrong.
    Baby just isn't ready yet. You can try every trick in the book and nothing is going to work until baby is ready.
    Be patient and enjoy these last few weeks. Get the house clean, go for walks, go to park, go on a date with hubby, enjoy being a mom with one kid 'on the outside'.
    Just relax and enjoy it. Your precious bundle will be here before you know.
      This is always the worst part of pregnancy! Try relaxing to take your mind off it. You don't want your baby to come too soon.
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