Need Advice Please!

Agh! I need some mom advice...My daughter will be 8 months old next week. For the past week or two, she is getting up at night (5-6 times!) and whining and crying until I come in and give her a pacifier. I'll give it to her, and a couple hours later she does it again (the pacifier is right next to her!). And a few times, she really cries so I feed her 3 oz. of formula.
She stopped eating at night about a month ago, and now all this! I'm tired!
She's not teething, she doesn't have her teeth yet but there are no bumps or anything (grandma and dr. have checked).
Any advice? Or words of encouragement? Thanks moms!!!

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      It could be teething like the other ladies said, also they tend to change their sleep patterns several times especially during the first year, it can be very frustrating!
        Thanks ladies! You know, I was realizing today just how fortunate I am to have a happy, healthy baby. So she gets up at night...Frustrating but, all in all, I'll take such a minor frustration. I have a friend with a one year old who is a sickly baby. Lots of ear infections and such. I hope he outgrows it (he's already had one operation on his ears)..Just thankful for my healthy little one!