No fun!!!

So we started Baby Vivian on some solid far everything gives her hives. It feels so mean to not give her anything when she loves, and I mean LOVES solid food! Lol but I'm not sure what else to try. I am thinking about maybe some avacodo.
I am pretty bummed though because she is highly sensitive to apples even when I eat them she breaks out. That means no Apple anything forme this Fall, and it's one of my favorite things about the season.
Any ideas on food options? We have tried (smashed from whole and baby food) bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and someone let her lick a piece of an apple without me realizing it, which is what crossed us over into rashland! Lol plus I've tried baby cereal with water, and cereal with breastmilk. I did do over cooked rice tonight and she loved that and didn't seem worse after, guess I'll know tmr.

    Melissa Middleton
    We went through that with my son. It was anything in the berry family, and he still cannot have them. I hope you all can find something she can eat. Tabitha gave great suggestions as well. Have you tried organic whole foods to mash? I am allergic to anything that isn't organic. I get rashes from stuff treated with pesticides. She may be the same way but I am not an expert.
      My husband is highly allergic to anything acidic so she gets it from him.
      We have narrowed down the two biggest culprits, tap water makes her vomit for hours even if it's been filtered. I made the cereal with breastmilk today and her hives are almost gone. The other biggest culprit, the teething tablets. I cut out those two things and so far she seems to be doing better. Some of the foods she is still allergic to, but I was able to give her bananas with no problem tonight. Kinda makes me wonder what is in the water...scary stuff!
      Melissa Middleton
      Yeah, that's frightening!
      We are coal country so there is sulfur in ours. We have to buy the bottled spring water. It tastes terrible and has a horrid odor, at times.

      I am glad the hives are going away.
        Poor baby! Food allergies can be a nightmare. Try keeping a food journal. Give her one thing at a time and make a note of any reactions. You may tell your doctor, but most doctors don't know much about nutrition. A holistic doctor may be your best bet.
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