Does it get worse by the years?

Elise is always crying sometimes screeching, she's also very demanding and constantly hurts herself. Bangs her head anywhere and everywhere we go. Sadly it has even become embarrassing to go out with her you can hear her screaming all over the stores. The doctor says its the horrible 2's... Geesh sounds more like the nightmare 2's! I'm afraid of this getting worse! I have even stopped going out due to her terrible behavior.

Oh gosh! I guess I will be able to go out while she's in school then..I'm not sure if its to early to say she has ADHD. She is VERY hyper.
She hates medicines as it is...Not sure if she would eat that lol
    i know people that hide the omegas in something they like (smoothies mostly)...
    As for the screaming... If mine start screaming in a store i leave the cart with customer and let them throw their fit in the bathroom or the car. At home they just lose snacks or cartoons.