Have you baptized your kids even when you don't go to church ?

We don't go to church... but hubby wants to baptize Elise due to some issues she's having..I really don't even know to what church to go or if its even possible to baptize a toddler when parents don't even go to church at all? or what religion?

    We baptized James at 2 months old by David's aunt who is a Methodist minister. I was raised Catholic and he was raised Methodist. David's aunt did a beautiful job. It was more about having family surrounding James with love than anything else. It meant a lot to me. I'm more spiritual than religious and so is David.
      Melissa Middleton
      I am unsure of that. We had my son dedicated to the Lord and baptized at the church we used to attend. He was anointed with oil, which is what is done for babies in baptism at Christian churches and received a certificate with his name on it, ours, and the pastor who baptized him.