This Mom...

This Mom needs a break! It's been non stop going and the Energizer that my husband has started school it has created more work for me...I knew it would but it has been super hard. I have a few weeks to get my school stuff done it I have to pay a penalty, not sure I'm going to make it. Between kids, husband, work, taking care of the house, laundry and all the cooking...I'm starting to wear out! Not to mention a teething baby and we just went through two weeks of colds for everyone. Tristen and Vivian both got sick twice and me and my husband both got sick, I find it funny he took a day off work and I had to take care of him even though I was sick too...but that's the life of a Mommy I guess...just worn out! Ok...end of rant :-)

    Melissa Middleton
    Men are like babies when they are sick. It's the same here.

    I am sorry you are feeling worn out. I am in the same boat. I know we would not trade it for anything, but even we deserve a break now and then, right? (Even if we never get one).
      Carleen Sadewasser
      Is it ok to post links? This one always cracks me up! Because it's SOOO TRUE to life! lol (On the topic of our sick men...)
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