What are some tricks or tips you have learned with nap time.

Our schedule has been pretty regular but this past week my daughter's been pushing her nap to a later time in the day. Usually she naps around 2 pm since she was 20 months and her birthday is coming up. Lately nap time has been around 5 pm!!!
I breastfeed still and nurse her to sleep. I don't do C.I.O method either.
I've learned a few things these past 2 years during nap time:
* your time is limited so work or clean quickly.
* find quiet chores or hobby for nap time.
* during potty training always have them sit on their potty closest to that time.
* Just go with the flow and relax while you can, nap if you need it.
What are some tricks or tips you have learned with nap time.

I do kitchen prep for dinner during naps too!
    Melissa Middleton
    Clean or get things done that is needed while he naps or nap with him since he is still up during the night. He has two more of his two-yr-old molars coming in so he has been waking up. And, being pregnant, I need as much rest as I can get, even though I rarely get it. Another thing I do is "me time." Time to breathe and relax.

    Jonah has been taking his naps early to late morning since he is a VERY early riser 4:30 to 6:30 am and goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 pm). I have a very active child.
    James has three of his two-yr old molars coming in all at the same time. Naptime has been impossible lately. When he does fall asleep I try to get school work done.
    Melissa Middleton
    Aren't they the funnest of all the teeth? (NOT). I cannot wait for teething to be over with. He has not had a breaks since he was 4 months old. Teething is a nightmare.
    I hope James' teeth come in quick, too.
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