Phantom movements...

Ever since I had Vivian I get these strange movements, just like when I was pregnant. I know I'm not pregnant and at first I just figured it was everything settling back into place after being pushed to make room for baby. But I swear it is getting worse and not better. It feels just like when she would move and I knew she was getting ready to start kicking. I had my tubes tied and I KNOW I'm not pregnant (I've been getting regular periods) but I never had this with Tristen. From what I've read it seems to be more common after multiple pregnancies. Has anyone else experienced it?

    Oh yes. It's weird isn't it? I've always heard it referred at phantom kicks.
    Well, I don't get the kicks, just feels like something is slithering around in there. Lol it's creepy!
    loloh that is creepy! Just don't watch any Sci Fi movies soon!
      Melissa Middleton
      That is weird. I hope I don't experience that after this one. I'd be freaking out.
      11/01/15's real and it's creepy! Lol I'm shocked how many women experience it.
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