Phantom movements...

Ever since I had Vivian I get these strange movements, just like when I was pregnant. I know I'm not pregnant and at first I just figured it was everything settling back into place after being pushed to make room for baby. But I swear it is getting worse and not better. It feels just like when she would move and I knew she was getting ready to start kicking. I had my tubes tied and I KNOW I'm not pregnant (I've been getting regular periods) but I never had this with Tristen. From what I've read it seems to be more common after multiple pregnancies. Has anyone else experienced it?

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    Well, I don't get the kicks, just feels like something is slithering around in there. Lol it's creepy!
      Melissa Middleton
      That is weird. I hope I don't experience that after this one. I'd be freaking out.
      11/01/15's real and it's creepy! Lol I'm shocked how many women experience it.
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