Daily Devotional

Mind, Mouth, Moods & Attitudes

Would you like to be in a good mood every day? You are probably thinking, Yes, of course I would. Who wouldn’t? I spent a lot of years being controlled by a variety of moods and believing I had no choice in how I felt. I envied all the “happy people.” I used to wonder, What is their secret? Why them and not me?

Sure, some people are born with more of a natural ability to look on the bright side. However, any person, no matter how naturally inclined they are toward good moods, can have sour, negative thoughts if they don’t choose differently.

Your mind, mouth, moods, and attitudes are all intricately connected. First you think, and then your thoughts turn into words that you speak, and the two of them together affect you emotionally and turn into moods and attitudes. If you truly want to be in a good mood on a regular basis, you can start by choosing to think positive, faith-filled thoughts from God’s Word…thoughts that will generate good emotions instead of bad ones.

Consistently thinking good and godly thoughts, speaking beneficial words, and enjoying stability in mood and attitude are not necessarily easy things to do, but it is possible as you continue to seek God for His help and strength in this area. I have personally been working toward this goal for almost 40 years, and although I have not arrived at perfection, I have made amazing progress. I have successful days, and I also have days when I feel that I failed miserably! But I believe that with God’s help I can keep growing.

If you desire greater emotional stability, and the ability to maintain a consistent good attitude no matter what your circumstances are, then make it a goal and don’t give up until you have reached it. With God’s help, you too can become one of those “happy” people...and it all begins with the thoughts you choose to think.

Make the Mind Connection: A transformed mind leads to transformed words, moods and attitudes.

“to be made new in the attitude of your minds;”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:23‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Have a bless day!!!

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