Eczema Journey

As I stated in the previous post, for the past two years Delilah has had a bad case of eczema. The eczema gets better before it's worse. When Delilah was about 8 months I noticed her first outbreak on her bottom and it appeared to be a rash so I invested in Triple Paste. It worked, but then she began to break out all over in hives, which went away soon after. Over time the rashes came back and forth and her Pediatrician was convinced she had eczema, so like any other mother I purchased tons of eczema products. What a waste. Mustela worked for hives but not the itching. Triple Paste and Cortizone worked for the itching but not for the rash. After a while I took a natural approach. Oatmeal bath and coconut oil. Both dried out the eczema and she started to peel. Then I eliminated more foods from her diet, but the itching continued, so I inspected the house and thought maybe there's a mold or dust problem. I was now convinced it was a allergy and not eczema. My grandmother being a minister prayed over olive oil, and told me to use it, and I did. It worked better than any eczema product. I also continued to use the oatmeal soap. Finally I got a referral for a dermatologist and in her appointment she said my daughter indeed has eczema and that it's normal for her to peel, break out in hives, develop vitiligo, and scratch excessively. I was told to use a medicated shampoo and ointment, plus CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and CeraVe Mosturizing Lotion. DELILAH HAS NOT SCRATCHED AT ALL! IT WORKED! Moms, I'm so happy. I can finally sleep and not cry watching my daughter scratch her life away. I hope my post helps another mother going through the same thing! Below I will share my routine.

Morning & Night:
-Bathe with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser.
-Apply medicated ointment in very dry areas.
-Apply CeraVe Mosturizing Lotion all over.

-Wash scalp with medicated shampoo and rinse.
-Massage scalp with olive oil.
-Apply coconut oil to hair.

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        Melissa Middleton
        Baby Aveeno does not work to well for Jonah, either. It helps a little though. He saw a dermatologist and she recommended that as well as some other products. He also has some medicated ointment.

        I am SO glad you found something that worked for her, and thank you for sharing it with us as well. I may have to try CeraVe.
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