Pregnancy paranoia or legitimate symptoms?

It's been forever since I've been on here. So hello again everyone! I came back to fuel my already paranoid brain lol. I almost feel silly typing this because I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but anything is possible, right?

My cycles are pretty normal and predictable, and so is ovulating. I can pretty much pinpoint both. This last period though, my husband and I had sex twice. The first time, a Saturday, he did ejaculate inside me. I didn't think anything of it because I just started my period. The next time, exactly a week later, we had sex again. This time he pulled out but I'm not sure if he completely pulled out in time. It would have been the last day of my period so I wasn't comfortable with him doing it inside me.

After that night, my period ended and I knew I would be ovulating soon. But then my discharge went back to being spotty a couple of days after I ended my period. It was clear, then it was like I was spotty on my period again but I knew my period was done. Then I started kind of cramping along with the light spotting. This is not normal cycle behavior for me. When I end my period, I end. No random spotting and cramping a few days afterward. Plus, I've been extremely exhausted and last night, I went to dinner with my husband and could not finish my food because I became very nauseous after just a few bites. I'm really hoping I'm just being paranoid but again, this stuff normally doesn't happen to me. I haven't been feeling right and I guess I just thought I'd ask you guys your opinion. Thanks in advance!

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