Any Potty training (practical) advice for a 2 year old boy?

Thank you!

    We started for about 6 months every night before bed we would put him on the toilet and if he used it then great, if not that was ok too. It got him used to the toilet. When we were ready to potty train I had to learn to give up control and let him do it. We out underwear on him and told him he needed to pee in the toilet when he needed to go. That was two months ago and we have only had one accident and he did that on purpose, got in trouble for it and he has been good ever since. As far as pooping in the toilet we used jelly beans, he poops on the toilet, he gets a jelly bean. We do diapers at night still because he is still in his crib. I will probably do the same with Vivian too.
      I watch for signs for when she's gotta go and have her sit on the potty and ask her if she's gotta go and try... I ask every half hour to hour . My daughter is trained already but we still use pull up and night diapers. We have a song from
      Daniel Tiger that we sing too and it helps.
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