Hot.. Cold!?


Being preggo has made my body crazy.. hot and cold!

Every so often I get cold chills.. this was weeks ago when I thought I had a cold anyways.. so that might have been what that was :)

But.. the HEAT! OMG. I get so hot, so easily! I was never that great in the heat NOT preggo.. meaning I couldn't really work out in it and would get faint feeling easily.. but now.. now it has been kicked up a notch. I joke to my Husband that God knew what he was doing making me preggo in the colder months to come :) Thank you God!

One thing I have done quite religiously is have water with me.. at ALL times.. I am talking even just running into the store quick. I try to keep myself SUPER hydrated all day and it typically makes such a difference.

Tell me ladies.. did you get hot so much easier? Did you consciously need to keep hydrated as well?

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      8Theresa Gould
      YES! I was always hot. Then when I had the baby all that warmth went away and I was cold!
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