Hello again, it's been a long time!

Hi Mom!! It's been a really long time since I've posted here....I've gone through some major emotional struggles but with support of my family a great therapist and yes some medication I am now finally feeling like me...a different me, I'm now the mom of 2 beautiful amazing twins who are almost 3 years old now! I decided last year when I was at my lowest point I really needed to do something for me, just for me. I was so torn because it felt wrong and selfish, but I decided after being home with my kids full time for 2 years it was time for me to go back to school... and I did!! In September my kids went to daycare for the very first time! It was bitter sweet, but I quickly found out it was one of the best things for both me and the kids. They adjusted to daycare immediately and I got to breathe again!! I am in full swing up to my eye balls in studying, homework and now mid-terms but I'm loving it and we are all doing better I feel like I'm a better mom and wife and a better ME.

    Bethany Reilly
    So happy for you momma!!
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    Hi! My name is Christine and I am a first time mom to 1 yr old twins Michael and Isabella.