15 months already

Where has time gone. Growing up way too fast for me. Favorite word is hi and loves to say it to everyone kids and adults alike, very friendly and outgoing walks up to anyone and waves, Knows how to open bottles and close them, gets the pots and pans and closes the cabinet door shut (time to get the protectors on) loves walking up and down the steps with mommy and daddy whenever she gets the chance, is ready for the toddler bed, knows how to climb up and down sofas and beds without falling over, loves books and brings them to you for you to read to her, plays peekaboo with you, helps mommy put things away, blows kisses, amonst other things. Such a happy girl all the time. When she wakes up in the morning always has a big smiles on her face and says hi. So sweet and very thankful and blessed for having her in our lives.

15 months already15 months already15 months already15 months already15 months already15 months already
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