Hello Fall

Been awhile since I've posted! Things have been crazy around here. I'm making a Christmas present for my MIL, jammas for the kids and still working on stockings.

I caught a cold and have been fighting that for two weeks. no fun. :( Baby is doing good.... I'm about 17 weeks now.

We are having fun with school. Kids are starting the letter k this week and we'll also starting teaching them about being thankful and making Thanksgiving decorations .

Our weather is back and forth, warm then cold. Just wish it would make up it's mind! :D

    Melissa Middleton
    It sounds like things there are like things here, with the bipolar weather and the sicknesses. It has been raining and then sunny and warm and then cold, grey, and dismal on and off as well. I have had a cold going on for two weeks now as well. It's more coughing now than it was running nose, soar throat, and sneezing. But, it still is driving me crazy.
    I hope you feel better. It's no picnic when we are sick and pregnant at the same time. I have not gained much with this one due to having the flu twice, a cold twice, and a sinus infection. Anything I did gain, I lost. I have maybe gained five pounds.
      I haven't been on the scale.. I suppose I should. lol I was able to enjoy my coffee again while I was sick. I still have yet to decide if it's a cold or my sinuses... but eiether way, it's getting better.
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