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Ladies I have a question:

I have been having some marital problems with my husband since I miscarried for the second time back in June right after Father's day. And for about the last 2 months things have only gotten worse. We have been fighting practically none stop about everything...and I mean everything, from the food, to the apartment not being clean how he likes, to me staying up late to do my school work cause I go to school online, to me talking to my friends back home in Washington everything. I want to leave but I have nowhere to go, and my mom cant help me cause she can hardly take care of herself at the moment and I have been thinking of either kicking him out or just packing mine and the girls stuff and going and seeing about staying with a friend of mine. Plus because he wont let me work, I have been thinking about applying for assistance until I can find work. What do you ladies think I should do? Should I kick him out or should I take the girls and move out?

Now before anyone tells me to give him another chance please now this, I have tried everything that I can think of to make my marriage of almost 6 years work. And at this moment I am only staying with him for the girls. We hardly sleep in the same bed anymore either.

    Melissa Middleton
    It takes two to make a marriage work; it never should be one-sided as it appears he is making it so. I am so sorry he is putting you through this. That is emotional abuse. If he isn't up for counseling, maybe actually leaving will wake him up, but I cannot be one hundred percent certain. Would he be up for counseling as Tabitha suggested?
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