True Friends show themselves...

The saying goes, that you know who your true friends are when they stand beside you in tough times.

I disagree. I mean, yes... there's that, but I've recently come to realize that true and real friends stand beside you when things are going WELL.

My career is going well, it's on an upswing with a possibility looming that could be something really great. I've found that a couple of my friends not only don't ask about it or me for that matter, but if it's brought up they seem to make snide comments or take such a lack of interest that it's almost hurtful.

I've worked hard. I've clawed my way out of a very dark place post divorce with two small kids and have raised them pretty much on my own and have fought hard to find small success in what I do and have worked hard to be able to support my kids on my own. But all I get are passive aggressive comments about how I guess I don't have time for her anymore.

She's the most self centered person I know and though she had no problem showing that she was there for me when shit was hitting the fan, I realize now in hindsight that it more or less made HER feel better thinking she was doing me some big favor.

A true friend will stand beside you when things DON'T suck.. and praise you and lift you and continue to support you. NOT bring you down.

A true friend will enjoy your success as much for you as for herself. A true friend will enjoy watching someone they care about rise above all the crap and do well.

I'm over it. As much as I say I can dismiss it, it bothers me. Negativity bothers me. But I remember that I can't control how someone else behaves, I can only control how I react to it.

it's hard, but I will continue and remain kind and warm and nice and thoughtful. She will end up all alone. ​

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm sorry your friend is being like this, but congratulations on how well your career is going and for the good things still to come. Enjoy them and try not to let your friend's negativity steel your happiness. You deserve this and you deserve to enjoy it.
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