My kids sleeping with me and I don't mind... For now..

it's cold here at night.. I realize that I'm in LA, so our cold is 38 degrees.. But it gets FREEZING in the middle of the night. I won't run the heat because it's an old gas furnace that I'm CERTAIN will blow us all up.. I have space heaters, but at night we are dressed in cozy clothes..

For the last week, my kids have been coming in around 1 in the morning.. and crawling in bed with me. Normally I would walk them back, but it's so cold and they are so cozy and warm and all of our body heat together keeps us warm and comfortable at night.

I know that once the holidays pass and we return from our trip to SF, I will regret it and have to re train them as after a week or so of this, they will naturally just wake up at that time.. How quickly we all slip..

Oh well.. For now it's nice.. One day soon they won't want to sleep with me..

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