I grosses my son out.. with my body...

WELL... There is nothing like when you're getting dressed after a shower and your 9 year old son walked in on you, back to the door, bent over looking for socks and you hear a "EEEEEWWWW, MOM!!!"


I told him that he was in MY room and to knock then if he didn't want to see me naked. And he was like, "Gross mom."

SO, there's that. I've been naked privately for him for a long while now, but they catch you.. and I remember being about that age, seeing my mom get out of the shower and being totally HORRIFIED by her nakedness.

First dude that has ever actually said EEEW after seeing me naked.. of course the lights have always been out.

So, I guess we are right on course.. No 9 year old boy should ever see their mom naked.. I hope I didn't scar him for life... lol​

    8Theresa Gould
    Yep, we have a knocking rule here to all closed doors on bedrooms and bathrooms.
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