MRI in small infants 9 month old baby

Im freaking out and scared I been thinking about the worst things that can happen... the reason is that my 9 month old baby the neurologist wants put general anesthecia because of his supposibly big head other than that hes is a healthy baby...he is a healthy baby and does what other kids his age do afraid if it will cause a permant damage to him if i do the anesthecia we tried doing the sleep deprived but it didnt work out so the best thing is put him under but im scared....

have any of you moms done a MRI on your child?

    I haven't but I'm sure it's scary but have faith and try to remember these people are professionals and the medical feild is amazing and have made huge advancements in technology and skills. If you and the Drs think this is best feel confident it will be and go over any risks and how big they are get a second opinion if it'll make you feel better also. Good luck I'd love to hear how everything goes for you
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