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Hello, my name is Hannah and im a step mom of a wonderful teenager, Brooke. I just want some advice or outlook on a subject that is hard to talk to a teenager: sex and dating...
Brooke's mom never remarried, so my marriage to her ex-husband took quite a toll on her since we attend the same church and know each other so well. Brooke and I never had a problem in our relationship, actually its been quite open and fun. Except when it comes to boys and the topic of sex. I asked her at dinner last weekend if she was dating anyone, since she's 17, and I believe at that age its okay to date and talk to boys. After I asked her face went blank and she dropped her head down. Then yesterday, I wanted to talk to her about safe sex...and the reaction I got from her was disturbing to me. As the word "sex" even barely escaped my lips, Brooke began to panic and tell me to never, ever say that word around her or her mom get mad. I tried to calm her down, then she started saying things like "god will never forgive me for hearing the s word" or "sex is evil and disgusting". I dont want to seem like im overstepping my boundaries, ive never had interactions with children, for i have none and never had siblings. So I would like to read the other inputs from moms and maybe figure out a way to talk to her about it. Any advice is welcomed and greatfully appreciated. Thank you.

    Melissa Middleton
    It could be she is just embarrassed or uncomfortable with the topic. I attended church as a teenager, and I still was uncomfortable talking about adult relationships with anyone, especially my mother--it was too awkward for me.
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