Family is what is most important...I highly recommend "children!" :o)

​Coming from a family of 8 children and as a mother of 6...I am definitely an advocate of giving your child at least one sibling to bond with, if possible! My brothers, sisters and close cousins are my dearest friends! We have tackled many fun times and challenges together and have rejoiced and cherished each others families! The caring for our aged parents, until they passed away, drew us even closer! My memories with my siblings as a young child and youth are ones that I cherish! Being a part of a close-knit, loving family...and marrying into one has brought the greatest joy we could hope for, even above all the academic and career successes we've had! Family is what is most important in life! Best wishes in your own decisions and family life! :o)

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    You and your fiance are in a partnership/companionship and creating a family together...if you do not think alike, then some compromising will have to be made. Only you two can accomplish this. Best wishes, Brit!
      Family is important! Nice post! Great reminder!