how did your kids react? :)

When you told them that your pregnant?

My oldest: just kept saying "what" in total shock her face was priceless, then once it hit her she started saying " I'm gonna have a sister" I tell her! "Whoa hold on we don't know that yet!" But she insists it's a girl. Lol

My middle son: oh the questions! " mom, how's baby get out? Oh no! Is it gonna hurt you?" Me: nope! Not at all. Haha!

My youngest son: " no mom, you not big belly mom, baby big belly, you not fat mom". Ha! My oh my! Gotta love them! :)

Nikki Hicks
    Melissa Middleton
    My son is too little to understand, fully, but he does kiss my belly. I have a 12-yr-old step-daughter who lives with my husband and me, and she wanted a sister. When we found out the gender and told her, she was ecstatic. She is surrounded by another younger brother and older step-brother when she visits her mom and has a step-sister there as well. I believe she truly wanted a baby sister so she wouldn't be so out numbered by the boys. She insists the baby needs a red dress with matching shoes when she is born though. Lol
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