Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everybody! I just realized that I'm on here everyday and never post! lol
Lots of things going on this week! The kids made paper turkeys for decoration-poor turkeys look more like a rainbow lol. Seems like I'm baking all week. Made popcorn chicken the past couple of days, have to make coleslaw and freeze the rest of cabbage, Friday we are making our pies for a late Thanksgiving-caramel apple and pumpkin. Saturday is our Thanksgiving meal.
Today we go get my oldest for the weekend then take her back Sunday. Oh and we're decorating for Christmas Friday. :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

    I haven't been posting much either.. super busy specially since my son is at home now due to thanksgiving school break.. how many people are going to your home this Thanksgiving? at home it just us 4. I hope my turkey turns out great! I had issues with thawing it :( 1st It thaw 3 days before thanksgiving then I put i back in the freezer and took it out again 2 days ago and its still frozen...As last option I will have to leave it thaw at room temp.. I like to season it a day before. Happy Thanksgiving!! ;)
    Us and grandma (my mother in law ). So 7. I season my ham the night before, too, and stick it in the crock pot. Then all I have to do in the morning is put the crock in the heating part and turn it on.
    You too!!
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