Teething question

Hi moms! My baby girl is a week away from 10 months old and no teeth yet. I'm not worried about this at all and her doctor said some babies don't get the first for a year....My question is, when she does start teething, what can I expect? I know about drooling and everything going in her mouth. What else though? Trouble sleeping? Please share what you went through, thanks!

    With both mine it was drooling and chewing on everything they could get in their mouths. Plus a little extra fussy. And the fever every once in a while.
      A dentist could tell if there's a problem. Maybe take her to a dentist. At the very least, maybe she won't be so scared when the real time comes.
        fever, restless nights , fussiness but dont worry she will eventually begin teething when its time ...when i happens just have tylenol for fever and oragel for the gums it numbs them....and my baby is 11 months and he got his 2 teeth at once