Soooo just blah

so I am still working.g on son sleep I g in a big boy bed... so a lot of nights to get him to sleep I have to sleep on the carpeted floor. Yea might be carpeted but not thick. My back and hips hurt so ok bad..... so I am still sleep deprived...... my hubby gets to sleep in the bed and get more sleep then me and he is Sooooooo tired..... at night after a long day and I am even more exhausted then usually... he wants to baby make... I understand we are trying but I am exhausted...... he throws a 2 year old I wrong? Or is he? He screams at me about all this stuff.... I don't dress up enough..... I am a jeans and t shirt girl... I am a mom... I have to get ready while watching our 3 year old son.. while he can jump in the shower and then get dressed and stand and look at me like " why aren't you ready yet.? Why aren't you dressed up?" Errr come on.

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