Children sick at the same time

So exhausting the past two weeks, just as I get one kid over the first thing the next gets sick then the next. Just as finals week starts, I have two sick again. First we had croup, then the doctor thought the littlest picked up chicken pox, then the two younger ones got the stomach bug and just as they get over it the oldest got it. Now it seems the little two have a new viral infection and the youngest sounds like croup. Oh my lanta it is a never ending cycle of sickness in this house. Hoping all the kids get healthy and that my husband and I don't follow suit.

NicolePerry, New York
    Melissa Middleton
    Colds and flues made their rounds several times here as well. Just when we got rid of one, another bug entered and so forth. All we have left now are coughs. Since my step-daughter goes to school, she brings home everything and is the carrier because she never gets sick. I always wonder what bug she will bring home this week. Lol
    I hope they all feel better soon.
    Emergen-C drinks are excellent in boosting your immune system at the first signs of sickness and even after, and the other boosters as Tabitha suggested.
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