Wish 4 friends

really wish I had a friend to c comfort me... going thru a lot this month and no girl friends or anything to talk to..........hate my life...I am not a mean person.. just tired of people pushing me away too many times... so I stopped trying g to reel them back in... cutting the line..done with them...... 12 years ago my grandma passed Dec. 23 now Dec.3 my grandpa passed... husband and wife.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm a good listener if you need to get it out
      I know that loss a very close member of your family is hard to going on specially when they mark your life. I loss my father in law who I take care him and live with him and five days later I loss my baby with 5 weeks in my bally!! Sometime I don't know how to act, what to say when people knows that I loss my pregnancy. I want to cry but that no going to change. but I cry because make me feek later good. I put a lot felling's in this baby. He was my first baby!! Ijust want a big hug, no words. But my life going on I have my husband that he was beside to me all the time. I understand how you feel. the only thing I can tell you is think all the good moments and the good things about them because I know they don't want to see you like that and they want to see a strong woman that remember them with all the love you have for them!! thrust me I loss my grandma and grandpa many years ago and I know how you feel because I love them a lot with all my hearts!!! I can be here for you anytime.
        when my grandma died 12 years ago I had my cousin, but now I feel like that family are strangers.. i have aunts who have only seen my son once..and is trying to take over my grandma.spare t-shirt house..another aunt who has never seen my son other then the funeral and is taking my grandpa's money.. a aunt and uncle who I haven't seen much since my grandma died so never seen my husband or my son... a cousin who is so focus on her man that she forgets about pretty much e everyone else... we are only girls out of boys... brothers....and we used to be close.. now it's like she is saying forget you. Her man lives like 10 minutes from us.. she has to drive just about right past our house to get there and has never stopped by.. error done with them all.
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