Time is Flying and Life is Changing (in a good way)!

Well, it's still hard to believe my baby boy will be two next month. I swore I just birthed this boy yesterday. Excuse me while I cry. :'(
And, now we have about another 7-8 weeks before our new arrival of our daughter, Amelia Jane. This year and last year just seemed to zoom by way to fast for me. We are excited about our new daughter, but I am still a bit saddened that my baby boy is growing up.

I can remember about 4-5 years ago when being a mother was not an option for me. I want kids but was told since I was sixteen I would never be able to have any. And, now here I am pregnant with my second. God is amazing and merciful, and it goes to show He ALWAYS has the final say so, and cares when you pour out your deepest desires to Him. He chose to bless me with being able to get pregnant when I was informed by many doctors for many years it was not a possibility. Ladies, being able to get pregnant is a true blessing. And, never give up hope of it happening.
Because, here I sit, getting ready to become a mother for the second time--something I never dreamed possible.

And, I am already thinking about when we should adopt (we want more but our going to go the route of adoption with the next ones, and adoption has been on my heart since I was a teen when I watched a live interview with children in the adoption system, awaiting families and it hit me square in the center of my heart). I want a big family so I can have a lot of grandkids. Lol Hopefully, we will be able to adopt in the next two years.

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
Melissa Middleton
Thank you, Elena. :) I am hoping to as well. I truly feel God has called me to be a mother to those who do not have one as well.
Melissa Middleton
I hope your dreams come true, too, Elena. :)
Melissa Middleton
Seriously, where does the time go?
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