Oh my!

What a crazy time of year! It has been a super busy holiday season this year. Some days I feel like I am going crazy. Today alone I made 9 of the GIANT Christmas stockings of the 16 total that I made (who's idea was this?), cleaned every room in the house, washed, dried and put away 5 loads of laundry despite the fact that both kids have colds again and they both screamed ALL day and refused to sleep. Somehow I kept everyone fed (so I'm still not sure why Tristen ate the soap today), clean and mildly happy. And in the middle of the chaos I worked a five hour shift while making dinner and putting kids to bed, and now that it is all over, I still have a clean house...how did that happen? This Mom is exhausted. Plus I just got a shipment of schoolbooks for my next class...all 17 lbs of them! Some days I wonder how I am going to keep up. I love what I do every day but it gets a little overwhelming sometimes.

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