I love a couple of our neighbors

So our neighbors to the left of our house, have become almost another set of Grandparents to James. They love him and he seems to like them back. Well about two hours ago, I was talking to Linda about christmas decorating, and she just so happened to see another neighbor walking down the street. She quietly told me to grab James and go back inside. I normally wouldn't do that, but there was something in her voice that made me do it. After James and I went back in, she called my cell and told me the person walking by had a bad record and was one of the ones listed as a registered sex offender. We have 3 in the neighborhood, and this guy was probably the creepiest. Not to mention the guy is always higher than a kite in a windstorm. I truly value Linda and her husband more than ever now.

We have 2 sheriff's who live in the neighborhood, and they are always monitoring the offenders. 2 of the offenders rarely leave their houses and all the neighbors are well aware of where they live.
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    But related to your post that is super scary and your so fortunate to be close to your neighbors and look out for your family
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