Is there a way to help with over clingyness?

Oli is 2 1/2 now and she is getting really bad with being overly clingy. She refuses to let anyone babysit her, near her, hold her, or even touch her. While anyone is at our house, she is always asking me to pick her up and if I don't she throws a fit. She is even doing it to my husband. She will allow him to pick her up if people are over and I wont, but other than that it is ONLY me. She wont even allow him to give her a sippy at night. He has to hand it to me so I can give it to her. I am a stay at home mom so I am always around her. The only time I get without her crawling on me to sit in my lap is when she is napping or her favorite show is on. It makes it hard to clean. I have tried to involve her with cleaning, even bought a little broom and vacuum. It works for a few minutes. Same with cooking dinner. I have her sit on the table and help me stir or put the spices in. But once all that is done and I need to start the stove work, she freaks out. Does anyone have some advice for this? I am in need of some bad, before I start ripping my hair out.

    I am in the same boat as you. James is extremely clingy to me, but I am also a stay at home mama so he's with me 24/7. According to his doctor, it is just a stage most kids go through. My mom and also my mother-in-law understand when they are around James, he gets clingy to me. I find having someone hold James while I'm getting a chore done or else distracting him with one of his favorite things helps.
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