Clingy Toddler tips.

    Melissa Middleton
    I like this article.
    I have a "sensitive toddler" who can be clingy, at times. What helps him is cuddling with him for about ten minutes when awakes in the morning and from his nap.
    We also have "quite time." It is where we have quite play with toys, coloring/drawing, playdough, or reading a booking. It is nice to have no TV or radio noise for a few hours a day (plus, they aren't allowed to watch a lot of TV). My oldest dislikes it but oh well. I believe it benefits everyone in the house to have a few hours of quietness.

    Since we do not allow much TV time, my son is not as interested in it as my step-daughter is. I want them to know there is a world to explore beyond TV and some of the greatest adventures can be found outside or in a book.
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