Crazy long week!

This week has been a long one. Christmas shopping like crazy, then wrapping everything, made goodie bags tonight for my husbands coworkers. Trying to keep up on all the housework and laundry has been a real challenge.
Plus we have been finding more things that Tristen reacts too. One of the worst was Dr. Pepper! We learned this one the hard was complete with him accidentally breaking my hand...we were in the car and he started to go crazy and I could see his face swelling, I reached back to try and calm him down and he started kicking and caught my hand on the inside right where my thumb joint is so swollen and bruised and he feels terrible, keeps pointing and saying sorry. It hasn't slowed me down though! Lol today it was the Sixlets candies...I totally forgot that the shell was made from fruit flavors...lets just say I couldn't sit through church with got rough. I feel so bad for my boy.

    Melissa Middleton
    Poor little fella. :(

    It was crazy here as well and will be this week, too.
    The craziness last week was from my step-daughter's behavior. :( I won't go into details on that. I'd rather forget it all.

    I have all the gifts wrapped and the homemade items for family members in bags and ready to be delivered today so I can get them off of the table. I do have baking to do. Jonah found something he wants me to bake but I believe I will make it on New Years Eve instead because I have four other desserts to make.

    I have on load of laundry left to fold...for now. Lol And some cleaning that needs to be done. It's about time to put on the Christmas tunes while I accomplish things after Jonah finishes Polar Express (because when he is fussy and nothing I do calms him down, Polar Express works every time. Lol).

    I hope things calm down there. I feel bad for the little guy, too.
    I also hope your hand feels better and heals quickly.
      oh my im sorry i hope ur okay and he didnt mean no harm poor guy he loves u and he feels really bad ....hope ur doing okay ....GET WELL SOON
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