Issues when finding a dentist for my toddler

I have been looking for a dentist for a WHILE now and none allow parents to go with their child in the room! Since Me and hubby strongly disagree with leaving lo alone with a stranger Lo has not yet gone to a dentist. She does brush 2x a day and has healthy teeth but her doctor keeps asking if I have taken her to a dentist yet. I feel stressed out already!

    I don't think that legally they can tell you that you can't go in with your kid...not sure but it doesn't sound right at all. I wouldn't let mine go alone either!
      The first time I heard of something like that was at a specialist dentist.... All other dentists (our regular dentist) I go back with them. However at the pediatric dentist when my daughter had her pulpotomies and crowns done I could not go back, and while this terrified me I felt at ease once I met all of the people who were taking care of her.

      Ask to their policies regarding it, if they are a regular dentist for just check-ups I can't imagine them being able to legally tell you that you can not go back with your child.
        I took my daughter (13) to the eye doctor a few weeks ago (at Sam's). When the receptionist called her name, I figured I'd look around while my daughter was in the office. The receptionist told me to go back with her because they wanted me in the room. I thought that was a good policy.