The bossy baby

Well I'm sixteen weeks pregnant and my baby is very bossy. It will pinch me when its hungry or thirsty. I cant have dairy or meat. And baby wakes me up at 12;00 every night. And it doesn't go back to sleep for 2 hours. If i want to sleep I have to sleep on the floor or the baby moves all the time. Am i the only one with a bossy unborn baby?

    Melissa Middleton
    Last night, I had to lay on my left side (I'm a right side sleeper or I sleep on my tummy--which is not happening at this point. Lol). My daughter kept pushing on my right side, so I eventually rolled over to my other. She usually lays on my left or in the middle, too. She has been more pushing that kicking and punching lately. I think she is trying to break loose. Lol!
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