HELP! Baby wont sleep through the night!

My son is 10 months and was sleeping most of the night until about a couple months ago when he started back teething. He is still getting new teeth and nothing seems to help. I dont like to give him orajel. We have tried tylenol. The only thing that he wants is a bottle which he shouldnt still be feeding during the night according to his pedi. Any Ideas or suggestions?

    If you have any pacifiers still fill them with water and stick them in the freezer that might help, or even in the fridge, I forgot what they're called but I've seen some homeopathic tablets that I've been told work great. One of my friends put an amber necklace around her little boy and claims it helped I personally haven't tried but it's worth a shot?? Good luck teething is awful
      Bethany Reilly
      Honestly, I'm not sure how a baby can't still be feeding at night. Bottle feeding is a bit different from breast but every baby goes through phases. During teething baby just needs mommy. It's tough but he may just need the comfort. Sometimes they wake up and just need that comfort. I never listen to the pediatrician about that stuff because they don't know your baby. I'm having my third in April and our 11 month old has slept through the night the last two nights. But our son didn't sleep through until he was 15 months old. Every child and baby is different. I had to give up nursing when I got pregnant this time but hopefully next time I'll be able to do at least a year!
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