Taking the Crib Rail off the crib

I am having an issue with getting my little one to willingly sleep in her crib. In part due to the fact that her crib is on the lowest setting and I am only 5 ft tall so to reach over the crib rail to put her back in her crib when she is asleep I have to stand on my tippy toes which causes her to wake up almost every time, yep. So, I was thinking that if I take off the crib rail so that I could get her in her crib easier and sit next to her on the floor until she falls asleep. While I don't want her to get hurt by rolling out off the crib, if it helps with getting her to sleep in her crib and possibly longer than four hours a night, then I am willing to try it.
At what age did you take the crib rail off your little ones cribs? any suggestions?

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