Mom or boyfriend?

this is an update after this whole thing with my boyfriend after letting her know that I want to be in both of their lives. I am being forced by my mom to choose between them. Him or her. According to Psychologists I should get out of that situation and stop seeing my mom because she had been emotionally and financially blackmailing me into getting what she wants.According to my mom and her friends its alright to act this way because she is upset and only wants to protect me. One of her friends tried to pull some Jedi shit and get me go go back on my word today while I was clearly upset and was under the impression that me and him had a common view point that something is not right in my mom making me choose. Apparently I was wrong. But I digress am I wrong to feel that in either case the ultimatum is unjust and either way will result in heavy damage? What do you think I should do being a daughter?

    That's tough, I think maybe separating yourself from your mom for awhile would be healthy but revisit that relationship after. My mom and I get along so much better when I don't live at home. But if possible I think you should keep your independence and take care of yourself more than your boyfriend. Boyfriends come and go USUALLY so make sure if one day that happens you'll still be ok.
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