Goin to the store with kids .....

its impossible to do especially when they are throwing a huge tantrum and strangers are looking at u like do something or that child is a spoiled little boy......what r ur strategy when going shopping or buy groceries....do u go in and out quickly or do u leave kids home or not go at all and have ur love one go instead???

    Since I've had my kids, I have never gone to the store without them. I deal with whatever situation as it happens. People give me dirty looks if I not correct them and dirty looks if I do. Sometimes if possible I will go down an empty isle and get close to Tristen and correct him and try to calm him down if he is worked up. That normally works with him.
      Melissa Middleton
      If my hubby does not have to go in the store, he stays with the kids in the van. I remind them before hand what we are going in there for, which never helps anyway--haha! If one acts up, their daddy usually takes them back out to the van to sit. It helps them understand that it isn't okay to behave that way. Sadly, my two year old son behaves in the store and has yet to throw a fit. It's the 12 yr old that usually does the fit throwing.
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