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hey moms and dads ,

Would you have your kids ages 4 and up do chores around the house like cleaning their room to taking the trash out ? and would you give them an allowance or would you (if you have younger kids that don't totally understand the concept of money) do like a sticker chart then go out for a family night cause they earned enough stickers . I'm having mixed feelings about what my husband and I should do when it come to teaching the kids responsibilities. An its even harder to stick with it and keep the kids on schedule cause im not even on a schedule due to Rowan being a new born. I go back to work part time in three weeks . please help any advice will be appreciated .

4AmandaMarysville, Ohio
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    thank you for your en site. ive given my oldest one money for chores before but i couldn't keep up with it and my spouse would changed amounts for chores it got complicated .
      Melissa Middleton
      My 12-yr-old step-daughter has chores but rarely does them and we have to fight her over it--everything seems to be a battle and argument with her, lately. She was getting an allowance. She was getting a 1.25 a week for the small amount she was doing, sweeping a few rooms. So she would have 5 dollars at the end of the month. With my two-yr-old, I do not do anything yet. He is learning to pick things up, but has not mastered the concept yet. With him, I will wait until he is a bit older.

      Cleaning their room and laundry is a requirement so they are not rewarded for keeping it clean. If my daughter refuses to pick up her stuff or put her clothes away, she is punished. I have gone into her room before with a grocery bag and start bagging up her stuff she refused to pick up or take away something I repeatedly told her to pick up in the living room or dining room. She learns quick that if she doesn't, she loses it.

      We have also deducted her allowance for her bad behavior, which kills her.

      With my son, when he is older, I will start a sticker chart and allow him to pick out an inexpensive item at the store, like a dollar toy or something, at the end of the month for doing chores.

      Also, when we have my (step) daughter clean or do other chores like picking up the yard, we make sure she does a good job because I believe it will prepare her for when she gets a be expected to do her best and not half do it. She is a bit lazy so it worries me she won't work when she is older.
      Sorry for the lengthy post.
        Ever Lopez
        i have a 4 yr old and i had him doing thinks like picking up his toys by 7 pm, picking up clothes that him and his brother have around the bedroom, i take him to the market with me and have him put thinks i ask him to put in the cart, take out the laundry out of the machine when is done and put it in the basket. i have a calendar on the fridge and whatever is marked red that means he completed the task of the day so after 5 red marks he get anything he chose at the begging of the month like a new thomas the train or cars... with my 3 yr old i am staring to do the same but is a lil more hard but he earns red marks by going to the potty all alone...
          Mine started having chores at age 7. They helped around the house since around 3 but never had set chores nor were required to do anything.
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