Learning Worksheet

In an attempt to organize my life that has grown so chaotic lately, I made a little "Learning Worksheet" for Nina and I to do during our days. She's a little behind in her speech but is improving, and I wanna keep it going.

She's picked up a lot, surprisingly, from Sesame street. She nomally doesn't like kiddie shows but she looooves Sesame Street. She's learned to count to five, most of the ABCs, and has been a lot less shy, too.

Anyway, this is just a really simple list I put together. Every day we're going to work on learning something new. practice things we already learned, try something new (whether it's food or a game, etc), and have a time, like an hour or three, of No-TV playtime together (the TV is almost always on as background noise, usually, even if no one's actually watching).

Have any of you Mommas done something similar?

Learning Worksheet
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